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Quickly Create Multilingual Portfolio Websites, vCards, CVs, With QR Code,


Hook website visitors And Convert Them Into Long-Term Customers With Action-Driving Social Proofs,


Save Thousands Of Dollars On Voice-Over Artists By Converting Any Text Into Natural Human-Like Voices In Your Preferred Language And Accent.

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● Built-In Shopping Option

● Facebook Messenger / Whatsapp Chat


Live Session (Shared Virtual Tour – Video Call – Chat)


Web VR Support - VR headset support


Voice Commands


Passcode To Protect Rooms Access - User can add password to access room


Leads Form - User Can Add Optin Form To Access Room


Custom Logo Features - Users Can Brand Their Virtual Room Setup


check Prime eCom Store Builder – Its Pro features include


Premium Features to manage your stores


Fully Theme Customize option


Create Professional look stores


One Click Checkout option


5 more Payment integration


Telegram integration


Premium Themes


Blog option

check Prime Speech – Its Pro features include

  • Users will be able to access additional 80+ Languages and Dialects
  • 400+ Different Voices and Accents will now be available

check Prime Proof – Its Pro features include

  • 20 more Notification options
  • Custom Branding option - Users can set their own branding of the notifications they create.

check Prime Business– Its Pro features include

  • Users Can Now Show Their Portfolio Website, Vcards, CVs In Their Custom Domain

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App Basic Features ++ PRO Features
Prime Virtual Upload 360/VR Photos Built-In Shopping Option
Share & Embed Anywhere Or Add To Listing In One-Click Facebook Messenger / Whatsapp Chat
Fast Preload Live Session (Shared Virtual Tour – Video Call – Chat)
Live Sessions Web VR Support - VR headset support
Gallery Voice Commands
Image, 360 Video, Live Stream 360, Lottie Panorama Passcode To Protect Rooms Access - add password to access room
Nav Marker For Move From One Room To Another Leads Form - Add Optin Form To Access Room
Click Anywhere Mode Custom Logo Features
Pois Marker For Show Image, Gallery, Video, Video 360, Audio, Text, HTML, Link, Form, Download File, Google Maps, Object 360, Object 3d, Product
Snipcart Integration For Sell Products Directly On The Tour
Pois Embedded (Image, Video, Slideshow, Text, Link)
Pois Scheduling
Multi Maps With The Position Where You Are
Compass To Indicate North
Controls (Zoom, Fullscreen, Map, Room List, Icons, Song, Share)
Nadir Logo (To Hide Tripod)
Autorotate On Inactivity
Effects (Snow, Rain, Fog, Fireworks, Confetti, Sparkle) - Fly-In Effect
Transition Effects
Multi Room’s View (Virtual Staging)
Info Box
Image’s Gallery
Meeting (Jitsi)
Google Analytics Integration
Real-Time View Of Visitors
Multi-Language Support
PWA Compatible
Prime Ecom Store Builder Custom Domain Premium Features to manage your stores
No Hosting required One Click Checkout option
Upload Own Logo Details, Descriptions, Header, Footer Fully Theme Customize option
Social Traffic Premium Themes
Multiple Theme Options With Different Colour And Layout 5 more Payment integration
Multiple Payment Gateways Create Professional look stores
Multiple Languages Telegram integration
Blog option
Prime Speech Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) voices 80+ Languages and Dialects
Support for over 40+ Languages and Dialects 400+ Different Voices and Accents
Support for over 100+ Different Voices and Accents
Prime Proof 1 Click Install On Any Website 20 more Notification options
Collect Email Leads Custom Branding option
Over Dozen Of Notification Types To Choose From
Prime Business Add your own domain for your business page and website Show Their Portfolio Website, Vcards, CVs In Their Custom Domain
Advanced QR Builder to generate QR Code for any URL
Saved QR Codes Management
vCard Templates, CV Templates, CV Export to PDF feature
Easily Create Multilingual Profile Pages To Enhance Authority
Package Purchase and Base Colour Setting Options
Portfolios, Blogs, Services, Skills, Achievements, etc. management tool
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